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May 21st, 2015
06:05 pm
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Big day tomorrow....
Moet moment approaching :)

Tomorrow at 12.15pm I will be admitted to the NSW Supreme Court.

End of a very long journey which started mid 2006, when I started my law degree.

Although I can't make the cocktail party in the afternoon (because I will be heading back to the airport to fly home) or even have a celebratory lunch with the QC who is moving my admission (have to go brief counsel in the afternoon in preparation for some activities next week), there will be Moet when I get home at 8 pm!

I know there will because I've just put it in the fridge!

Hey nobble, haven't been able to locate any contact details for you, but it is Banco Court.

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March 6th, 2015
07:58 pm
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Hi LJ, it has been ages. Yes I know, but it is not that I don't care. Just been frantic.

Been to the US
Went to Disneyland
Rode Big Thunder Mountain (roller coaster - bit of a challenge for myself)
Turned a number ending in zero....scary
Had a wonderful time with many thanks to L, P and E :)
Back at work - thinking it may be time to find a new job....
Seeking admission (finally) to NSW Supreme Court - assuming I can organise my paperwork and find $500, admission should happen on or around 22 May
Colposcopy next week - another round of surgery to follow is on the cards, may be tome to ditch a non used organ.....
Work is horrid
Massive mood swings
Need to fix my budget
Long weekend started, really need the break!
I Will get through my current black dog attack....

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February 15th, 2015
11:21 am
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Asking the internets.....
On my recent trip to the US, not only did I get a Disneyland fix, but was also introduced to an american chocolate I really like., Hersheys chocolate just tastes wrong, but my frinds really like Ghirardelli chocolate, and I tried a few pieces while there are bought a few chocolate squares at SFO International airport to snack on during the trip.

Always thought I'd seen it somewhere here in Australia, but since getting back haven't found it.

Does anyone know if I can get Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares in Australia? Particularly the sea salt caramel, cookies and creme, dark chocolate with white mint or dark chocolate with raspberry. Sea salt caramel is probably my favourite.

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February 2nd, 2015
05:20 pm
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On the 'road' again....
Well, in an hour or so, we head out to face actual peak hour traffic to get me to the international airport, and then I head home.

It has been fun, exhausting, and fun. Disneyland was great (Goofy sang happy birthday to me) and even though several key attractions were closed (really missed the Disney train), there was still not enough time to do everything I wanted.

Thirteen hour flight, transfer to domestic, visit the Qantas Club to shower, then last short flight home.

Hope my cats haven't eaten the cat sitters.....

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January 20th, 2015
08:19 pm
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Birthdays and Disneyland...
Hmmm, a "0" birthday is rapidly approaching which I find ever so slightly I decided the best thing to do was not be in the country when it arrived!

On Saturday, I get on a bus and then on a plane, then fly for sixteen hours or so and arrive in San Francisco. Then I go visit Ms L and Mr P and meet their dog child. Then after a few days recovery, we all get in a car and drive to Anaheim.

On my actual birthday I shall be at Disneyland, wearing a birthday girl badge and going on all my favourite rides. And the following day, we shall do it all again with elf, whose birthday is the day after mine :) Then we drive back to the Bay area, and I repack and get on a plane and come home.

While I'm away several other people will have birthdays - its amazong how many people I know whose birthdays are so close to mine, I hope they all have fabulous birthdays, I shall certainly be having a ball celebrating mine with some wonderful friends.

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January 4th, 2015
09:36 am
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Crawling into the new year like an exhausted thing....
Oof! Just had my first PT session of the year, and have discovered that I loathe interval training.....seriously loathe it. It is hell on a crosstrainer, and I am seriously unfit!

We started with intervals on the crosstrainer and followed it with some weights stuff (upper body) with the result that I am exhausted (still, I didn't sleep well last night so was seriously tired to start), and have had to have a little lie down before I can contemplate doing my food shopping for the week.

My mother and sister arrive this afternoon for a visit for a few days, and the weather is closing in just in time. It is going to be a little warm, but overcast, so something approaching muggy - though anyone who has lived in the northern part of the country woukd look at you with bemusement if you used the word humid.

So the word for this year is persistance. I shall apply that to everything. And my goals? Simple - good quality sleep, eat well, stress less, ensure appropriate quality exercise, and find something to smile about every day.

Today's smile moment - the music Lochie (on reception) was playing at the gym - always good :)

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December 11th, 2014
12:14 pm
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Sending hugs to those who need them...
It has been a tough week for lots of people I know, for a number of different reasons.

Sending hugs.....

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November 11th, 2014
02:36 am
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It has been a while since I have had a sleepless night like this. Just can't.... It's like my brain is just saying, "I dinnae wanna sleep".

So, have made myself some chamomile and spearmint tea, and am going to read a chapter or two of my book, then try again.

Need sleep, we start two and a half days of hearings from 1pm today.....

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November 5th, 2014
07:41 am
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Birthdays and tea!
Importantly - happy birthday to Ms L for today! Hope you have an amazing birthday and you are appropriately spoiled by Mr P (no brainer there, it will happen), and family and friends:)

Also happy birthday to my brother for tomorrow!

Finally (and no less importantly) I am currently enjoying a wonderful cup of Twinnings Blackcurrant flavoured (black) tea :)

Having the day off to finish my assignments, and taking the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy my first cup of blackcurrant tea in a long long time. Huge thank yous to P&B who located it (hardly stocked here anymore) for me and on Sunday P rocked up to visit with five packets! That is fifty cups of tea! YAY!you guys rock.....thank you! And the tea is yummy:)

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07:33 am
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Gardening update
Lately I have repotted a climbing rose, and planted a zucchini seedling, some oregano and marogolds together.
Carrots growing brilliantly. Tomatoes going crazy....coriander has bolted, big time.

Let us see if I can post a piccie or two....

Nope, loading a piccie keeps crashing the site....and no horrid ios8 I won't be driven to only using the app to load entries on LJ!

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